Hotmounting eSATA drive

Geoffrey Leach geoff at
Wed May 30 14:52:37 UTC 2007

On 05/28/07 11:32:05, Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 10:32 AM -0700 5/28/07, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> >I have an external SATA drive that's usually powered off. It has two
> >ext3 partitions, FWIW. I find that mount does not recognize the
> devices
> >(/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2) unless the drive is powered on before booting.
> >
> >I expect that this is something that HAL should attend to. Any
> >suggestions as to what's wrong? HAL works fine with other hot mounted
> >devices.
> It may not be HAL.  When you turn it on, does the device appear in the
> dmesg log?  As Mikkel says, does it appear in /dev?  udevmonitor might
> help
> here.  If it is a HAL issue, is "lshal -m" informative?

Thanks. The problem could not be recreated, but now I have a strategy  
for addressing it (and a set of "working" data) should it reappear.

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