from FC7-test to FC7-final

enrico marello enrico.marello at
Wed May 30 18:52:19 UTC 2007

Hi all,
it's a month that I'm running without big problems a FC7 test4.
Tomorrow will be the great day, so I have just switched enabled from 0 to 1
for official repos and from 1 to 0 for development repos. That's all,
right?  (obviously including a yum update...)
Only a doubt: I read in the announcement that "It is highlighted by the
elimination of the distinction between Fedora
Core<>and Fedora
Extras <> entirely; there is only
Fedora". This change won't affect the repos, right? Because I can still see
in my repos list fedora-core and fedora-extras.
Cheers, E.
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