Please 'leak' Fedora 8

Harald Hoyer harald at
Tue Nov 6 15:43:09 UTC 2007

John Summerfield wrote:
> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> Why isn't it made available over BitTorrent, then? Bandwidth isn't 
>> nearly as much of a problem, there...
> Overall, bandwidth is a much greater problem with torrents. That why 
> some ISPs are "managing" it.
> Consider this.
> I'm with The fine folks at cache a local copy 
> at for their client's use.
> has downloaded it once.
> A dozen example clients download it from, and 
> do so just as fast as their Internet connexion can possibly go. For me, 
> that's something over 1 Mbytes/sec.
> Three dozen others use the torrent. I don't know how well Torrent finds 
> near neighbours, but at least the first few and most likely the last few 
> are pulling from outside's borders. Say 
> downloads a further dozen copies.
> It's highly any of unlikely those torrent users pull if faster than they 
> would from, and probably most dos so more 
> slowly as they need to find a fair few senders to pull at full speed 
> (and I've noticed that sending at speed does bad things to receiving).

With less upload than download bandwidth, you should try like (slightly outdated, but may still work)

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