Problems with F7 kernels

Jim van Wel jim at
Thu Nov 8 08:12:56 UTC 2007

Hi there,

First of all. What hardware do you use , so type of your laptop. Second,
can you start in rescue mode?



> Hi All,
> Over the past couple of days I have been updating my F7 machine and have
> installed both the two latest kernels which have been released. Both of
> these have caused my machine to fail to boot successfully.
> On choosing the appropriate kernel my machine "hangs" at the 'starting
> udev' section. The laptop's fans spin in ultra-high gear and regardless
> of how long I leave the machine, it never gets past this section.
> The latest kernel on which the laptop fails to boot is:
> kernel-
> I also tried the immediate kernel before this one (sorry cannot think of
> the id number), but it was over-written by the kernel.
> The last known kernel which works fine (there may have been others
> slightly more recent, but due to failing to update may never have been
> installed) is:
> I was wondering if anyone might be able to let me know what file /
> commands outputs would be required in order to resolve this problem get
> my machine using the latest kernels.
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Cheers,
> Tony Crouch
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