Please 'leak' Fedora 8

Mike C mike.cohler at
Thu Nov 8 18:03:38 UTC 2007

Tim <ignored_mailbox <at>> writes:

> I didn't think it'd install on a 256 meg system, I thought there was a
> higher minimum spec.  Out of other systems I had around, with prior
> releases and other OSs, 256 megs would be the minimum that I'd put up
> with in anything.  These days half a gig would seems to be the minimum
> acceptable amount.  Unless you want a system that seems so slow that
> you'd swear it ran on punch cards...

Indeed so nearly! - although I do still have an old machine with 256MB RAM and
the DVD install won't work. nor an HD install off the same iso file in it - not
for F7 or F6. However it did still install F7 from the KDE livecd and sometime
in the coming few weeks I will try and install f8 that way on that machine -
however my priority will be to install on the newer machines - starting with a
laptop where it won't matter if I have problems and am not up and running within
an hour or two.  Once any issues are resolved I will work around the other
machines - and eventually back to  the old 256MB machine!

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