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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Nov 19 15:07:17 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 05:56 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
>     This computer is in my home. Security is not a problem and I have
> my main passwords on paper stik-ons around my monitor :-)
>     I learned to bypass the stop in bootup where you normally have to 
> give your name and password. I find the same thing works on F8. Click
> on System -> Administration -> Login Window and give it your root
> password and a panel comes up. Click on Security and the first item on
> that page is what you want. Click for automatic login and choose the
> user to log in as and your done.
>      It does make login a lot faster. 

And for benefit of the uninitiated reading the above, this is an
extremely bad thing to do by default.  It's something you might do for
special circumstances, but not in the normal run of things.

NB:  Log-in is not sped up, it still takes the same amount of time.
You're just not being asked to authenticate.

We know security is not a consideration with Karl, he's already been
remote hacked for that attitude, quite some time ago.  And still hasn't
resolved the issue, going by another message that he's recently posted.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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