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Mon Nov 26 23:29:57 UTC 2007

Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi List;
> Sorry for the cross-post, I'm not sure if I should ping the KDE list or the 
> Fedora list so I posted to both.

Probably, this is the list. Fedora might have changed things, and if you 
feel the need to report a bug, you should do so through  Fedora's 

> I've just acquired a new (last years model) Sony VGN-SZ430N/B laptop. I 
> installed Fedora 7 and initially everything worked fine - including the 
> wireless. However when I'm at my current client's site (they have a WEP 
> shared key wireless) I get the following behavior:
> 1) upon boot my wlan0 connects without issue.
> 2) as long as I work in my cube life is good
> 3) if I travel around the office at some point the wireless looses it's 
> connection
> 4) once the wireless connection is lost I cannot re-connect by any means other 
> than a reboot. The reboot works every time. If I try the 'Network Device 
> Control' it simply fails, If I go to the Knetwork Manager (I'm running KDE) 
> right click and choose the right connection I get prompted for the WEP key 
> (even though it's saved in my KDE Wallet) and the connection fails.

I had a similar problem in opensuse 10.2. I visited daughter in Faraway 
City. She lives in a block of (very nice) flats, and of course a lot of 
people there have wireless. Daughter included.

I found I didn't have any problem associating with her AP, and I could 
choose it from a list, and there were flashing messages as other APs 
came and went, but it was very prone to forgetting the (WPA) password. 
Not always, but certainly often.

Subsequent discussion here and on -test suggest strongly that, while 
network manager works for a lot of people, it doesn't work at all for 
anything but the most common case.

Take a look at

Me, I'm ignoring network manager for a while longer, and configuring my 
wireless in other ways. As I've been doing since FC3.

> Here's the versions of KDE/Knetwork Manager I have installed:
> knetworkmanager-0.2-0.1.svn20070815.fc7
> kdebase-3.5.8-3.fc7
> Any thoughts on what might be the issue? Ideas how to debug this?



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