gdm login screen fails to load

fedora fedora at
Wed Oct 3 13:18:08 UTC 2007

Hi Frank
did you ever check the gdm config files:

the second has priority over the first.

could it be a chooser/greeter issue?
the chooser being a display/screen, where you can select a remote host 
for login via XDCMP
the greeter being the normal login screen.

on the greeter display (the login screen) you can open the options and 
then select the chooser display. IF YOU DO THAT, YOU WILL NEVER SEE A 
GREETER DISPLAY ANY MORE, unless you change the /etc/gdm/custom.conf 
manually. if, inadvertantly, you may have selected the chooser, then the 
issue is similar to your mistery.


Frank Cox wrote:
> This is an issue with a Centos 5/LTSP 4.2 server that I set up over the past
> week and put into service over the weekend.  I ran this up the flagpole in the
> Centos mailing list and didn't get anything too useful as a reply from there,
> yet.
> This is a mystery.
> It survived a few reboots and whatnot with no problem over the past week when
> I was setting it up.
> I moved it to another location on Saturday afternoon and, again, it booted up
> and worked fine.  I set it up on the network that it's supposed to be on, and
> everything was working fine when I left.
> It was rebooted yesterday and now the graphical login screen doesn't
> appear.  Everything appears to load normally but once the text login screen
> appears, that's it.  No gdm login screen.
> If I log in at the text console and type startx I am told that X is already
> running.
> If I hit ctrl-alt-f7 at the text login screen I see a completely blank/black
> screen.  If I then hit ctrl-alt-esc the gdm login screen comes up and
> everything works as it should.
> If I switch to runlevel 3 and log into the text console and type startx,
> my desktop shows up just as it should.
> There are no errors that I can see in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.
> Again, this all worked fine up until yesterday, and nothing changed.  I
> rebooted it several times and I consistently get the behaviour detailed here.
> So, what could be going wrong and preventing the graphical login screen from
> loading?
> It's not a really major problem because I know how to get gdm up on the server
> now (hit ctrl-alt-F7 followed by ctrl-alt-esc) but it's not working the way
> that it should be.
> This machine is a LTSP 4.2 server and all of the terminals bring up their gdm
> login screens every time without any problem, even when the server itself is
> still sitting at the text login screen.

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