The case against NetworkManager

Timothy Murphy tim at
Tue Oct 9 14:18:47 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

>> NM does not work with my Orinoco PCMCIA classic gold card.
>> It sends out a message saying something like "Get a better card".
>> Basically, I believe the Orinoco card does not support
>> the kind of scanning that NM uses.
> That is a fault in the driver that needs to be fixed. Make sure you have
> a bug report filed.

I've had long correspondence with the NM team,
who agreed in the end that NM did not work with this device.

The driver is a standard part of the kernel distribution (orinoco_cs).
If NM doesn't work with this the fault lies with NM, in my opinion.
Incidentally, "iwlist eth0 scan" works perfectly with this card:
[tim at elizabeth EllipticCurves]$ sudo iwlist eth0 scan
eth0      Scan completed :
          Cell 01 - Address: 00:16:B6:DA:56:B4
                    Frequency:2.467 GHz (Channel 12)
                    Signal level:-72 dBm  Noise level:-95 dBm
                    Encryption key:on

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