OT Re: mplayer without libmp3lame support

Res res at ausics.net
Mon Oct 15 07:16:55 UTC 2007

Edwad, I wont see your racist reply so dont bother replying...

But the last 2 lines sort of sums it up as to why...

~$ host -t txt descriptive text "seed.net.tw. 
Dynamic IP or generic rDNS. Use your ISPs mail service, or whitelist at: 
http://moensted.dk/spam/no-more-funn/?addr= based on reverse 
dns samples 1016924400"
descriptive text "TW does not seem to care about spam see 
http://moensted.dk/spam/no-more-funn/?addr=  1175071330 #"

93% of the spam that manages to get past RBL's for the past several years
has been all from TW and CN, both are blocked for ever because of it.

TW/CN in an avg of one day send more spam into this country (based on the 
several domains I control, which are less blocking restrictive as they are 
paying customer accounts, only governed by 5 RBLs that mostly block TW/CN 
anyway <G>) than  RR/Shaw/swbell all put together.

I also know that many of your ex-countrymen in the U.S also do same, call
us what you want, I (I'm sure like them) dont give a fuck, if it stops the 
spam that emits from your country into our networks, totally all for it, 
and there will be no hesitation of blocking other countries that get out 
of control either, if your country ever introduces serious anti-spam laws
essentially making your ISP's get off their asses and clean things up, 
I'm sure the blocking policy will be gladly revisted and lifted, the same 
about CN.

I'm sure youll 'chest beat' with a response but again it wont bother me as
any reply to me is futile with the several filters to catch anything from 
you (amongst others) or contains a post of yours (inline quoted etc) into 
/dev/null, but I always keep my word, I told you i'd look into it and I 

be gone...

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:

> Res wrote:
>> Thats your choice to call it that, but for you to call it that without
>> proof or knowing why that netblock is taken out, you yourself are no
>> better then what you accuse it of being.
> Then tell me why is blocked.  Also, why is
> blocked.  I have other since I contract for more
> companies in Taiwan and all of them are blocked from this site.


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