Javac-compilor error

Luciano Rocha strange at
Tue Oct 16 10:04:48 UTC 2007

On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 11:48:49AM +0200, Sz�ra Gy�rgy wrote:
> Hello ,
> would you like cast a coursory glance at my probleme please, and
> consider to give some advice that bids some issue me to ustruck.
> I had to endure a failure again with FC 4 distr. as I was trying compile
> an introductory file necessaire to further studies.
> Preliminaries:
> Having the intent to get a tutorial I loaded down from website
>  Java 5.0 tutorial and in a separate
> directory all the accessory files in order to follow the demonstrated
> discipline id.e.programming Java.
> As I get along in may study the tutorial suggested as follows:
> Try on command line type java -version et
> 			 javac -version.
> Both of them gave me positive response with a disclaimer from the party
> of Red Hat against all faillure may the user occur.

I suggest you download and install the Sun JDK, from

The GCC java compiler you're using is too old to properly compile the

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