Running Wireless and Wired eth connections at the same time

John Summerfield debian at
Wed Oct 17 22:59:55 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
>> sam wrote:
>>> Hi john, and all!!
>>> Thanks for the replies to this....
>>> What I really wound up doing to resolve this:
>>> Setup:
>>>     Laptop
>>>       ath0 - (sub1)
>>>       eth0 - (sub2)
>>>     Internal Box
>>>       eth0 - (sub2)
>>> This allows me to be able to have the laptop connect to both the wireless
>>> network, and the internal box at the same time.
>>> I also needed to modify the laptop/internal box:
>>>  Laptop:
>>>   -setup iptables for masquerade on ath0 port.
>> That's usually wrong
> It may be...if we were able to divine what "that" is.  :-)

How about the immediate preceding statement? I reply in context, so look 
to see what the context is.



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