kde 3.5.8 for fc6?

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Fri Oct 19 01:56:58 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:
> Olaf Mueller:
>>> The next kubuntu version, I belief April 2008, with long term support
>>> for desktop, that mean 3 years.
> Strong:
>> But I've heard it is not an rpm-based one, is it?
> *Ubuntu is based upon Debian Linux, they have their own scheme of
> things.  But, you can install some things from rpm files if you want to,
> if you happened to have found something precompiled, for another distro,
> that you wanted.
> If you wanted to use precompiled packages, I'd say that Fedora and
> Ubuntu are probably your best bet for having lots of things available
> for you.

Ubuntu family is nice, but Debian supports all its software and has more 
of it.

>> I got a habit with the RH-ones since their 5-6 versions. And would use
>> fedora had it more period support. I don want centos as they lack
>> number of packages even that fedora has...

Check the third-party repos, and I think someone's building Fedora 
packages for RHEL.

> There are some extra repos for CentOS, and you can compile other things.
> Do you really want all that's on offer, though?  It may just seem better
> because there's a large number of packages available, but if all the
> core things that you want to use are there, that's the important thing.

One of the nice things about Debian is that if I ask "what's a good 
lightweight MTA " and someone answers "nullmailer," then
apt-get install nullmailer
probably gets it.

Or, I just bought a Creative Labs Zen Plus MP3 player.
summer at mail:~$ apt-cache search creative\ labs | sort
em8300 - Drivers for DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards
em8300-bin - Tools to setup DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards
em8300-headers - Kernel headers to access DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards
em8300-source - Kernel module for DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards (source)
gnomad2 - Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
libnjb-dev - Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library development files
libnjb0 - Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library
libnjb1 - Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library
libnjb1-dev - Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library development files
libnjb1-doc - Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library documentation
neutrino - GNOME shell for managing your Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
summer at mail:~$

It's got the right software there.



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