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Jacques B. jjrboucher at
Fri Oct 19 19:05:07 UTC 2007

You mean well Karl.  Nobody will deny you that.  And you do bring
lively debate to the list and sometimes force some of us who assume
greater depth of knowledge on a topic to do a bit more digging and
ultimately deepen our knowledge yet more.  Unfortunately it comes at a
price most times.  I believe you could foster that same lively debate
without the friction if you changed how you framed your postings where
appropriate (i.e. "This is my personal experience with"..., or "From
what I understand"..., or "Here is my attempt at a guide. Understand I
am not an expert on the topic but do have a reasonable degree of
knowledge.  If you find any errors or omissions please bring them to
my attention.") and then solicit feedback to identify possible

I'm not suggesting every posting requires such framing.  But it's not
uncommon to see someone add AFAIK (As Far As I Know), or as I
sometimes write "I stand to be corrected" if they don't possess
sufficient knowledge or experience (or haven't researched the topic
sufficiently) to not throw up that caution flag or that safety net if
you wish.  And if someone does post a possible correction to a posting
don't take offense to it.  Either dig deeper, or ask the person for a
source to support their point, or some other such method that is
non-confrontational and allows you to follow up on it and if
appropriate change your position if you realize that the other person
was correct (yet does not commit you to change in the event you
conclude that you are correct).

I can already see other points that will bring debate in your latest
posting if others choose to dissect it.  Where you started your
posting by stating you are not an expert in grub at least if someone
comes across it in the archives when researching a problem they can
take it in that context.  Based on that I won't engage you in any
further debate on your efforts to produce your version of a grub
reference guide.  I still maintain it does not belong on a list for
the reasons I've already mentioned in this thread (as have others).
But clearly we differ on that opinion and freedom to do as you choose
is in your favour.

Jacques B.

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