Top Posting Question

Andrew Kelly akelly at
Thu Oct 25 09:31:25 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 10:09 +0100, Steve Hanselman wrote:
> But if you read your email on a PDA then top posting is a good habit.........

Sure, whatever, why not. There are, after all, people who make pizza in
a toaster. Or Casserole in a microwave.

I've even seen people wearing a blue-tooth headset on each ear
(presumably multiple cell phones), while they were grocery shopping for
all those (and more) quality products.

I'm sorry, but, where are people's priorities going? 

I don't wear a cell phone to the bathroom.
I don't even answer the phone at home all the time.
Heck, let's be honest here, there are times when a knock at my door will
go unanswered. If I'm not available, deal with it, try again later.

Sorry, bit of a digression, there... 

I reckon having a PDA that can catch email can be a positive thing under
the right circumstances. For me personally, I can't even fantasise about
an email so important it can't wait 30 minutes to be read. But hey,
other people have other lives.

I would submit, though, that high volume, high noise to signal ratio
mailing lists are not something that one would absolutely have to read
on a PDA.


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