Compile fails due to QT3 error

David Timms dtimms at
Thu Oct 25 12:48:38 UTC 2007

Iain Cheyne wrote:
> I am trying to install Media Tag Tools (
> Media+Tag+Tools?content=35855). 
> Fedora only has QT4 installed and I cannot build this. The ./configure output 
> says:
> Quote:
> Verifying Qt 3.x Multithreaded (MT) build environment ... fail
> Unable to find Qt 'mkspecs'.
> qt3 is not in the Fedora repos. I have qt4-devel and qt-devel installed.
The tendency is to have the current distro version not named for the 
version, ie rather then qt3-xxx
> 1. How do I install qt3?
Think you might have it already ;)
Need to know distro version ?
rpm -qa qt\*|sort
locate mkspecs

I have qt-3.3.8-7.fc7 installed on my f7-current pc.
Perhaps mkspecs would be available in the qt-devel ?

Try the the mandriva rpm; it at least starts - I'll leave it to you to 
see if it works as expected.


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