[OT] High Performance Samba???

Deepak Shrestha d88pak at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 07:52:57 UTC 2007

Thank you all for your suggestions,

> Before you get all hot and sweaty about fixing a problem, first see
> whether you have one. See what load you can accommodate.
> fwiw IBM figured in supporting 100 clients from OS/2 Warp Server on a
> Pentium. Remember, a really good Pentium could go as fast as 233 Mhz.
> It's true clients are more demanding these days, but then so can servers
> offer more.
> So, see what you can do. Then worry about fixing any problems you can see.

Thanks for this. I really have to see first how much my server can handle first.

> I am unclear what your definition is for clustering. If you are talking
> about clustered storage, Microsoft does have DFS which is supported by
> Samba but I don't believe their Desktop OS's (WinXP professional, etc.)
> are capable of being anything but a client.

I just watched the demo of DFS and think this will exactly do my job
but still needs lots of reading to do :-)

Thanks again.

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