Moving to a new partition for /usr

John Pierce john.j35 at
Fri Sep 7 14:08:56 UTC 2007

> That should work fine, before deleteing the old /usr I just make du -sh in
> both /usr/ and /usr01 too see if both are the same.
> Moreover, I would rename the origina /usr to another and use /usr instead
> of /usr01, just to do the things well, cause in a future when will be
> installing something it might fail cause the make configure or make install
> couldn't find the /usr and you probably have to make something
> like ./configure --prefix=/usr01 you know...
Thanks for all of the responses, I did it and it works fine.  Just a
note, I let the system mount the partition usr01 to the mount point
/usr, so I was not concerned about the --prefix=/usr01 stuff.

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