How to install Fedora 7 to a CF card connected via IDE-CF adapter?

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Sun Sep 9 21:00:20 UTC 2007

Andrew Junev wrote:
> Has anyone tried to install Fedora 7 to a CF card connected via IDE-CF
> adapter? I tried it on several different systems with no success.
> I got the card (Transcend CF 4Gb) detected in MB BIOS as a 4Gb IDE
> HDD. But then Fedora installer doesn't seem to find the target drive.
> I don't remember the error message exactly, but it's saying something
> that it can't find the drive and proposes to load additional storage
> driver (by choosing it from a list or by adding one via floppy). If I
> connect a normal IDE HDD to the same controller instead of the CF
> card, Fedora installs just fine.
> So, has somebody had any successful experience installing Fedora to a
> CF card?

Not Fedora but a version called Monte Vista for embedded devices. CF 
cards are not really great devices to install onto. File corruption and 
bad blocks are common drawbacks since read write cycle limits are a 
factor. (64 MB - 256 MB cards)

Anyway, a couple of questions regarding what BIOS sees and another if 
using the CF card in the adapter as slave on the controller.

Does your computer recognize the CF device on POST? If it does not, 
Fedora probably would have no chance to detect it.

Have you tried this card as a secondary with the IDE drive with linux as 
master drive? If you tried this arrangement, does 'fdisk -l' show 
information about the CF device?


> Thanks!

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