Fedora 7 telnet-server problem

Dan Koehler darthbulk at warp-7.com
Mon Sep 10 18:11:03 UTC 2007

Ok, I just solved my own problem.  On a whim, I compared the 
"/etc/hosts" file on the two machines that had a working 
telnet-server, and on the one that didn't work.  I noticed that on 
the bad server, the FQDN was not in the first line.  The first line read:	localhost.localdomain	localhost	SuperNova

Wheras on the other two, the first line was similar to the following:	Commander.mydomain.com	Commander	localhost.localdomain	localhost

When I changed the bad server's "/etc/hosts" file's first line to read:	SuperNova.mydomain.com	SuperNova	localhost.localdomain	localhost

then telnet worked again, just like the other two machines!  Frankly, 
I am amazed that I stumbled across this.  I would never have thought 
that the "/etc/hosts" file would affect an incoming telnet session on 
a machine.  I wonder why this happens?  I just lost a couple of hours 
trying to figure this out.



I am having an issue with the telnet-server for Fedora 7.  I set up 3 
machines with F7 in the last week, and followed the same procedure 
with all of them.  I installed telnet-server with the following procedure:

yum install telnet-server
edited the appropriate xinetd.d file to turn on telnet
restarted xinetd

On the first two machines, telnet worked fine.  On the last install I 
did, I encountered a problem with the telnet-server.  When I try to 
telnet into this server, I get the following message:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
getaddrinfo: localhost: Success
Name or service not known: Illegal seek
Connection closed by foreign host.

I have never seen this error before.  It happens when I try to telnet 
to the machine from itself, as well.  What could cause this?  I can't 
seem to find much information about this problem.
I do know about ssh and use that as well (ssh works on this machine), 
but I do need to have telnet working too.


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