verizon california and DHCP leases

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Fri Sep 14 13:30:24 UTC 2007

Skunk Worx wrote:
> I saw the strangest thing (to me, anyway) on my verizon DSL account.
> It seems to assign a single DHCP IP address to a mac address, then holds
> it across reboots, shutdowns, etc.
> While the lease is "not released", no other machine is recognized. All
> DHCP request packets are silently ignored.
> A modem reset would not clear it.
> Attempting to use another mac address to get a lease (swapping out a
> machine) just gets ignored response at all.
> But if I plug my Mac Mini in, it gets the address right away. Every time.
> The Mac has a ipconfig release command and it actually works...just
> change the proto from DHCP to BOOTP...after releasing the address from
> the Mac, I could connect a FC4-F7 back into the modem and get an IP
> right away.
> I suppose the Mac had the lease all along and finding the release
> command opened up the modem for another mac address? Nor sure what was
> happening. Seems ok now.
> I see a lot of people complaining on the web about not being able to get
> IP addresses for their routers from cable modems, DSL modems, etc...I
> wonder how widespread this issue is.
It is probably very widespread - that is why most of the
firewall/routers for home use have the "clone MAC address" option,
or something like that. The other thing you run into is where the
connection to the ISP is PPPoE, so you have to set up either the
router or the modem to make the PPPoE connection if you want to
share the Internet connection. At least you don't find modems that
require you to contact your ISP if you want to change your NIC any
more. (Early security - the modem would only accept the MAC address
used to set up the account, even if you power-cycle it.)


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