USB or Express card 54 Wireless Network Adapter?

John Pierce john.j35 at
Sun Sep 23 23:30:20 UTC 2007

> Dumb question - can you replace the card in your laptop. While this
> may be more expensive, it may be worth it both because you will not
> have to worry about an extra piece of hardware, and because the
> wireless antenna for the internal card is probably behind the
> screen, and is probably larger then the one in a add-on card or USB
> device. I know on Toshiba laptops, it is a plug-in module behind a
> cover on the bottom, and the antenna looks like 2 wires that attach
> to the top-front of the card, and the card plugs into a socket on
> the motherboard. (Remove 2 screws, it pops up slightly, lift and
> pull away from the socket - mini-PCI card)
> Mikkel
Not a dumb question, my HP DV9208NR has a setup for the internal
wireless as you describe.  I suppose it is a pcie x1 slot as it is
~1.5 inches wide, 2 screws on the end opposite the card slot, and two
wires that connect by spade terminals.

The unit is still under warranty, I can call hp tomorrow and they will
send me a new one, which I will probably do.  However, that
replacement unit will still be, in all likelihood, based on the
bcm4311 chipset.  While I feel that the bcm devs are doing a good job,
I need the full 54mps all the time, I have never achieved this rate
with the bcm43xx or b43 driver with either firmware version.

I thought that I would look for something that had the ralink rt25xx
series chip or some version of atheros as both have native drivers.  I
have two old IBM thinkpads that I use a d-link and netgear wireless
pcmcia 32 cards and they work all the time.

Thanks for your reply.

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