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Wed Sep 26 04:22:38 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 14:43 -0400, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
> I've enabled it, and set it to never ask for a password.  I can connect
> to the shared folder on the Fedora 7 box from CentOS 5 machine - good.
> I can create, delete and modify files in that shared folder, too -
> awesome.
> Oh the hell do I connect to that shared folder from a Windows PC?  Is it
> even possible?  I thought it was just a webdav folder, if so, entering
> "http://fedora7box" on the Windows side (e.g. in file explorer) should
> work, shouldn't it?  I haven't been able to connect to the Fedora 7
> share from a WinXP Pro box.... :(

If you mean "Personal File Sharing" as found in the Gnome menus: System,
Preferenes, Internet and Network, Personal File Sharing, that runs the
/usr/bin/gnome-file-share-properties command, which belongs to the
gnome-user-share package.  Looking at the contents of that package seems
to suggest that it is some sort of webdav feature, as you've guessed.
Do you have Apache (the HTTPD service) running?  It might depend on it,
seeing as some its configuration files refer to some /etc/httpd/modules/
files, and that's where Apache stores its files.  And is it firewalled
from some machines?

Of course, something like http://fedora6box/ is only going to work on
the Windows box if it can relate "fedora6box" to the IP address for your
Fedora box.  Do you have a DNS server, or a hosts file on the Windows
box with the Fedora box's IP address?

Just a quick Google around for Gnome personal file sharing seemed to
suggest that zero conf was being used.  I think that's on by default
with Fedora, and might be why your Fedora/CentOS boxes can find each
other while your Windows box needs more help.  You could try using the
IP address in Windows Explorer, instead of the machine name, that'd show
if it were a name resolution issue.

I can't remember how webdav was accessed through Windows Explorer, there
might be a specific syntax you have to use.  It's ages since I tried

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