How many drives?

Nicolas Canepa ncanepa at
Thu Sep 27 15:01:35 UTC 2007

You can try with:
fdisk -l

That gives you a list of partitions per drive.

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Ashley M. Kirchner escribió:
>    What's a quick (even dirty) way of finding out how many HDs a system 
> has?  Assuming that:
>       a) Not all of them are actively used, so they wouldn't be in
>          /etc/fstab (or visible in df)
>       b) /var/log/dmesg isn't available for scanning
>       c) /var/log/messages isn't available for scanning
>       d) And access to the boxes is (somewhat) restricted - they're in 
> racks, and I really don't feel like yanking each and every one)

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