awstats munged httpd rights in SElinux, how to fix?

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Aug 1 14:59:32 UTC 2008

>> NB: I've done this with a spinning headache, so you ought to be able to
>> manage this as well, without my headache.

Gene Heskett:
> ouch, like my aching back, thats not good at all, mine is from 70+ years of 
> abuse & 25 extra pounds, does your's have a reason?

Dunno if my headache's from the cold I've got, or the medication for it.
I do know why my back aches - getting stuck, many years ago, hauling
something heavy out of the back of a car...

>> I mention an alternative stats program

> I see that is installed, but finding a viewer for it seems to be purely by 
> accident, it opened ELinks, whatever that is, when I clicked on its july 
> report from within midnight commander.

How did you access it?  Elinks is a text-only web browser, rather like
Lynx, but also supports some rudimentary tables or frames layout.

> Grumble...  Question for the webalizer folks then?  Why is there not a link to 
> the viewer in the k-menu's?

Well, actually, one doesn't usually access such things through the
system menus, but through your web browser.  What would be needed is
preloading the bookmarks on any browser that's on your system, with
<http://localhost/usage>.  But then we don't do anything similar for all
the cgi-scripts that might be included with a web browser.

It's another of those read the manual / read the configuration file /
look at its scripts, things.  It used to be that such things as
statistic analysers were programs that you'd install by hand, because
you wanted it, and would already have known about it.

> Having it installed, but effectively unavailable doesn't make a lot of sense 
> to me.  If there had been such a menu entry, its likely I would have used it 
> rather than doing a freshmeat search for the newest, highly rated such tool & 
> then went hunting in yumex for a suitable rpm.

Over the years I'd used webalizer, finding it's simple one page summary
rather useful.  But more recently, preferred AWStats features.  I'd left
it alone, before, as being rather convoluted.  But when I changed
webhosts, they gave me with a poorly configured webalizer, and a fairly
well configured AWStats.  And since I can't really reconfigure them,
thanks to how the host runs, I just went with the flow.

One thing that annoys me about them both, is the referrer stats.  The
links for who referred to you is sanitised, somewhat.  So you do have to
manually check your logs to find exactly what pages have referred to
you.  You just know, when your stats have suddenly increased for one
month, that you've become the address on one of those random "exit this
porn site" buttons.  ;-)

> ls -l /etc/awstats/:
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 62137 2008-07-30 17:28 awstats.coyote.coyote.den.conf
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 62130 2008-07-21 17:17 awstats.localhost.localdomain.conf
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 62130 2008-07-21 17:17 awstats.model.conf
> And I haven't touched what the rpm installed.

To cut down on workload, and avoid meaningless data/traffic, I'd remove
all but one, and customise it to suit your needs.  Else, once an hour,
all three configuration files will be used to read your stats.

> Since I'm running an oddball port # to the outside world, I was rather 
> surprised to see the googlebot was there every day this last month.

I can think of a few things:  Faked user-agent string, hoping that the
googlebot might be allowed in where ordinary clients might shooed away.
And if you've ever mentioned the address for your server somewhere in
public, it'll have been indexed.  Big brother is watching you, and I
don't mean that crappy TV show...  ;-)

>>>> Are you still using your computer as root...

> Some of this started when I tried to build OpenMovieEditor, and F8
> apparently doesn't have enough GLX stuff to build it, 8 OpenGL
> functions seem to have been stripped from the library by RedHat.
> Reason?  Damned if I know.

I'd still stick with using your computer as yourself, just use another
terminal as root for configuration issues.  Especially if you're opening
your computer up to the world as a webserver.  You do want as much
protection as you can manage, in that situation.

> I've been busy saying magic incantations and making shingles appear,
> all nailed down, on a new 16x26 garage roof. All that magic sure makes
> me sweat though, and working through a half hours light drizzle didn't
> help.  Another 10 shingles or so and the front half is done, but I
> need to do all the trim around the edges for the back half before I
> can step over the peak with shingles in hand.

Around here, we have neighbours who like playing with power tools all
week and weekend long, lawn mowers, chainsaws, angle grinders, and other
things that I haven't figured out.  Compare that to me - the other week
I pruned several trees, and removed a whole one, using nothing other
than a hand saw, branch clippers, and brute force.  The only noise I
subjected my neighbours to was the occasional swear word.

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