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Tim wrote:
> And that's your problem,

not my problem. if it cures having to change screen back and fort,
then it works.

> UTF-8, are the US-ASCII ones.  After that (character 127), there's
> differences. 

only characters needed to converse are less than 127.

> You have to use the correct encoding.

it is not me using wrong encoding.

> If you're seeing changes in fonts depending on the encoding used, have a

> play with your client's font preferences.  You might have to manually
> select font families for different encodings (named after localities,

screw that. this whole thing started us-ascii and then a bunch of crazy
asses, bg&c included, came along and caused all of problems that make
whole frigging problem.

> probably want to untick the option to allow messages to use other fonts.

no way, hoza. like i said, i am not screen chasing.

> Fonts issues are one thing I really dislike about Firefox and
> Thunderbird, they've convoluted it all to hell, and use *pixel* sizes in
> a disastrous fashion.

it is not fault of mozilla products. it is fault of those who keep
trying to change it for their own personal likes.

how else are you going to do it if you do not do it by pixel??? think
about that before you answer.

just look at what has happened. really. nearly every time you open a
web page some clown has come up with some new whiz bang crappy new way
to wow public. all it is is more and more waste.

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