Messed up my ISP/Networkmanager connection !? -- [SOLVED by removing NetworkManager]

William Case billlinux at
Wed Aug 6 19:32:37 UTC 2008

Hi g;

On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 18:32 +0000, g wrote:
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> William Case wrote:
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> > N.B.  Tried to man 'network' -- no manual entry.  Is there another name
> > to 'man' by?

> from following the many post for help with networking, one thing that
> is apparent, 'network manager' is a good idea, but not without many
> bugs. in most all of threads, main suggestion is 'turn it off'.
I too saw those posts.

> i would have suggested this to you when i sent what i did on 'aopen',
> accept that i thought it had already been suggested, which is usually
> among first suggestions. from your last couple post, it became evident
> that it was not.

To me, at the moment, the problem is not solved by turning
NetworkManager off.  (It is off for the moment so I can do some other
work easily.)  I consider it a bit of a challenge to either get it
working or finding out what the real 'bug' is.

> rest assured, i am not trying to be 'off tone', 'snide', 'insulting',
> or anything else of a negative attitude. just trying to offer you some
> more help so you can enjoy a working linux system.
> best to you.

"The Hell you say."

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Regards Bill;
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