Can I create a link to an inode?

Wayne Feick waf at
Sat Aug 16 16:06:57 UTC 2008

Thanks, Alan.

I figured that was the case, but it's good to get confirmation from
someone who knows.

On Sat, 2008-08-16 at 09:37 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 22:22:16 +0000
> Wayne Feick <waf at> wrote:
> > I'd consider it a security bug to allow a user to see any bytes beyond
> > what was written to the file since:
> > 
> >      1. Some ilesystems store multiple small files in the same block.
> >      2. Some (most?) filesystems don't zero out blocks when they are
> >         reallocated.
> > 
> > Either of the above could allow you to see things you shouldn't.
> Which is why the kernel won't let you. What is on disk may vary but the
> actual kernel interfaces deal with actual file sizes. Any holes you
> create when extending it contain zeros

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