OT question about Macbook (OS X) file systems

Rodney Myers rdmyers at mtpalomar.net
Tue Aug 19 22:30:28 UTC 2008

On Aug 19, 2008, at 3:15 PM, Dean S. Messing wrote:

> I just purchaced a Macbook for my daughter as she's off to college
> (required by the dept. she's in).  I'm wondering if OS X understands
> the ext3 filesysystem.  In particular, will it properly handle
> symlinks generated under linux?  I wd. like to give her a USB disk  
> containing
> an ext3 filesystem (that has lots of symlinks) with her 25 Gig  
> organised classical
> music library on it (done on an F8 system).
> Thanks for your help.
> Dean

Not out of the box.

I think this is the project I'm using to access my linux external  


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