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>    8. Re: Network printer setup, Vol 54, Issue 153 (Mikkel L. Ellertson)

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> Vincent Onelli wrote:
> > I can see now why I was not find the same uri that you were pointing to
> > I was using System -> administration -> printing instead of
> > Localhost:631, because when I did try I could never get past the user &
> > PW, but the other way I have no problem the PW is OK. since going from
> > the menu it only ask for PW and going from localhost:631 ask for user &
> > PW, I suspect that I am entering a wrong user name. Is there way to find
> > out the correct user name?
> > 
> I thought I had posted that. With the default setup, the user is
> root, and the password is root's password.
> Mikkel
> -- 
 That is what I am using but is not accepted, but is accepted every
where else, the only difference is that when I use localhost:631 it ask
me to to enter the user name also. May be that I forgot the correct user
name, I would like to be able to verify or enter a new one.

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