Non-urgent query re: yum ?

James Wilkinson fedora at
Thu Aug 21 21:41:18 UTC 2008

William Case wrote:
> Does yum have a 'file' switch or option like most other programs dealing
> with several pieces of data? eg. rsync --files-from /where/ever.
> I just re-installed Fedora 9 and I probably will be installing F10 in a
> couple of months.  I keep a list of 15 -20 packages that I regularly
> have to re-install right after the Fedora core installation.
> It would be nice and easy to just 'yum install --from-file
> ~/billspackagelist' or after a disaster 'yum install
> --from-file /backup/billspackagelist'

Well, there’s the Unix approach:
cat ~/billspackagelist | xargs yum install
which will install each package listed in ~/billspackagelist (from yum
repositories). You may also want to investigate
yum localinstall

Hope this helps,


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