Leon Vergottini leon.vergottini at
Sat Aug 23 11:35:33 UTC 2008


The other day I had a problem getting yum through a proxy - that one I 
have solved and thanks for the help that I have received from you guys - 
I was pointed in the right direction.  I am looking for codecs so that I 
can play my AVI, and other audio formats.  I have followed the steps 
listed at, however 
without any success.  When I try to play avi files, it still points me 
to a site where I can purchase the codecs.  In Ubuntu, which I used 
before moving to Fedora, I only needed to download the Ubuntu-restricted 
package and it worked.  I have searched on Google, but also with no luck 
unless I have searched in a stupid way.
Please, just point me again in the right direction, like a website - I 
like playing around and figure the things out myself.


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