Unintended consequences of NOSCRIPT add-on.

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 23 16:27:03 UTC 2008

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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Now NOSCRIPT says it allows you to run content only from sites you
> trust. How would I indicate that I can  trust TIAA_CREF?

Mikkel wrote:
> Click on the S in the bottom status bar - you will be given options.
> You can also go to Tools --> Add-ons --> NoScript --> Preferences
> --> Whitelist.

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Do you not see that yellow bar at the bottom of the ff screen?  Clicking on
> the button on the right end of it allows you to set those preferences in real
> time.

in following above advice, be sure that you are careful with what you enable.
*only enable* site that you want. look close before you click. do not enable
'google', 'enable all of page', and such.

you can enable permanently site you want and not enable ads and such. anything
that you 'temporarily' enable will be disabled after you leave a site.

in firefox, open 'tools > add-ons > extensions' check that you have
'noscript 1.7.9'. if not, click to highlight, then 'find updates' at
bottom of window.

it would be good for you to log http://noscript.net/ and do some reading to
see just what all noscript can do.

then 'tools > add-ons > extensions > preferences' and go back thru configs.


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