pulseaudio, howto make it work?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Aug 24 17:28:20 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 10:18 -0700, Russell Miller wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> >
> > You don't seem to care that things like NetworkManager and PulseAudio
> > are trying to solve userland device control over things that have on
> > Linux been traditionally root controlled devices/daemons.
> >
> > Both NetworkManager and PulseAudio are not perfect - in fact, far from
> > perfect but the need to deliver a user featured desktop system requires
> > separation of super user and regular user and you can opt out of those
> > efforts and in fact encourage others to do so but those efforts are
> > counter productive to the overall goals.
> >
> >   
> I would be much more open-minded if there was more "support", as it 
> were, when the new technologies don't work.  So far I've been told it's 
> my fault, that it works for everyone else, that the bug was opened to 
> the wrong package, I didn't provide enough information... basically 
> discouraged at every turn from reporting and trying to fix my issue with 
> PulseAudio upstream.  If I'd been a new user, I'd be screwed.  As it is, 
> I'm just annoyed, and damn certain not to take it any further - I fixed 
> the problem, I reported the problem here, I reported the problem on 
> bugzilla... I'm not going to bust my rear any further.
> I will admit that I'm an old fart when it comes to system 
> administration, and I believe that Fedora is trying a bit too hard to be 
> friendly to new users to the point where the veterans are being left 
> with a whole bunch of software layers that they neither need nor want, 
> with no way to turn them off on install if they so choose.
> I would be content if an expert mode was offered (one is) that allowed 
> one to turn off most of the desktop optimizations like NetworkManager 
> and PulseAudio and left you with a fairly barebones system that you 
> could configure how you wanted without having to fight with things 
> telling you how to do things.
I think you have personalized these things as if they were intended to
make your attempts to use Fedora more difficult.

Perhaps you need to read Eric Raymond's 'The Cathedral and the
Bazaar' [0] to get a better feel for the aspirations of Fedora because
there is a release early and often philosophy that is easier to cope
with when its understood.


[0] Eric Raymond - The Cathedral and the Bazaar

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