update error on F9

Paul Newell pnewell at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Aug 25 04:28:13 UTC 2008

Finally managed to get FC5 upgraded to F9 by forgetting the upgrade and 
doing a full re-installation (the thread on 6 -> 9 made it clear I had 
to do that if I had any errors).

Even managed to get internet access which I could never do on FC5, so 
I'm already ahead of the game.

I got the expected notice of all the stuff that needed to be updated via 
pop-up and said "sure" after I had logged in as root to make sure there 
would be no permissions issue. It failed with the following error message:


I tried from the other pulldown (admin?) for update system, got the 
window, said update, it did nothing.

I was able to verify that I could get an update by downloading Firefox 
3.0.1 (install DVD has Firefox 3 Beta 5) ... of course I couldn't 
install it as I could figure it out since it wasn't the "ultra newbie" 
Windows "download, click, install" system (since I've never had internet 
access on Linux, I know this is another issue I have to learn ... and will).

My question to fedora-list is "what is the org.frredesktop.etc error and 
how to I correct so it will work". If I need to go command line and do 
it through yum, that's okay ... I just need a bit of guidance on the 

Thanks in advance,

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