13. Re: FC9 NetworkManager & WPA (Tim)

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Mon Aug 25 10:27:09 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:

> I have noticed that NetworkManager takes its own sweet time to find this
> router, yet ones (much further away) from the neighbours pop up into the
> list quite quickly.

I had this (minor) problem when I re-booted this morning:
NM tried to connect to another, weaker, access point
instead of the one downstairs.

But what exactly is the strategy of NM?
I thought it was meant to remember where it had successfully connected,
and try that site first.
As far as I can tell, my NM has no recollection at all
of where it has connected to;
it appears to list all the access points it sees,
and then chooses one at random.

Assuming NM is meant to remember what happened in the past,
where does it store the information?

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