The Scope and Ownership of fedora-list

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Thu Aug 28 18:40:10 UTC 2008

g wrote:
> <snip>
>> The 'database' is in the head of the person writing the answer - who is 
>> also likely to be the same person who just collated the relevant 
>> information into the wiki or recently read it there.  Just the same way 
>> things work now except that there would be less repetition and once a 
>> pattern of showing useful info in the wiki emerged, people would start 
>> to look there first.
> or, in other words, another 'faq'.
> so what you are saying is that this is not enough?

Those are useful if you are curious about _why_ fedora doesn't play your 
multi-media files, run your java apps, or work with hardware that needs 
vendor-provided drivers.  If you are interested in actually fixing these 
things you have to look elsewhere.

> if you believe that, then i would suggest that you contact rahul sundaram,
> as he is maintainer of 'wiki/faq'. i am sure that he would be interested in
> what you have to say, and more than happy to help you.

Rahul is always gentlemanly enough to listen politely to other points of 
view, then he always responds - as he must - with the policy line.

> for 'fedora-list', there is
> one thing that may be lacking is a way to search archives. if there
> is a search engine to do this, i have not found it.
> also, if one wants to check other mail list archives;
>[desired-list]/, replacing [desired-list]
> with name of list archive to see

It is easy enough to obtain a list of thousands of references to any 
particular topic - but sorting out the correct/relevant answers is the 
hard part, especially when the right answer changes over time.

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