some feedback on fedora 10

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Mon Dec 1 21:59:18 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Rahul Sundaram
<sundaram at> wrote:
> Lonni J Friedman wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Rahul Sundaram
> wrote:
>>> Lonni J Friedman wrote:
>>>> You guessed wrong.  They have nothing to do with the fact that some
>>>> people don't want a GUI boot process.
>>> Well, now I conclusively no, you haven't read the information provided.
>>> Without plymouth, you won't even get a boot.log. Even if you remove rhgb
>>> from the boot line, plymouthd will still run. In other words, plymouth
>>> doesn't just provide a gui boot process.
>> Yes, you definitely conclusively "no"(sic), and you continue to miss the
>> point.
> Which is what exactly?

I stated that in my original email, but you're so fixated on
irrelevant blog posts & email client quoting styles that you've
clearly missed it.  Again:
Not everyone wants a GUI boot process.

> Rahul
> Ps: Fix your mail client to not quote email addresses. I don't need more
> help to get spam. Thanks.

Not sending email will help as well.

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