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Fri Dec 5 16:56:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008 08:25:15 -0500
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at> wrote:
> Already done that. Just chirping in again about why
> someone relatively sane would want to log in as root...
I'm sure that I will get blasted for writing this but this
is an issue that seems overdone. Whatever self-inflicted
damage I can do as root I can do with su.

There are many reasons that I like to boot into a new
install as root to L5. There are quite a few things
that need to be done as root. Sure, I can do all of these
tasks from a terminal command line in L5. However, it is
more time consuming and sometimes arcane (trying to find
the correct executable). 

I don't think that best practices preclude logging in as
root. In contrast, I think that the idea is to use an
alternate user as your regular log-in, using root only as
required. Again, I am unable to appreciate a great deal of
difference between logging in as root and using su
providing that you are only logging in as root to do system
configuration and maintenance. 
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