Weather icons missing in GNOME clock applet [SOLVED-ish]

Dan Thurman dant at
Sun Dec 14 22:50:40 UTC 2008

fred smith wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 10:25:38AM -0800, Dan Thurman wrote:
>> Frank Cox wrote:
>>> On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 12:16:18 -0500
>>> fred smith wrote:
>>>>> Did you enable weather icons in preferences?
>>> Do you have enough space on your panel to show the weather?  It takes up
>>> another inch or so of space.
>> I have found, that removing the applet and re-adding the
>> applet to the panel, re-setting the locale, clicking on the
>> Weather tab: "F", changing it to something other, then
>> back to "F", seems to restore it.
>> Seems for some reason, Gnome-2 configuration files gets
>> messed up, which may mean that you may need to reset
>> the offending applet or application via the method mentioned
>> above.  Occassionally, I find that the "User Switcher", and the
>> "Clock" messes up as well and also needs to be reset.  Don't
>> forget to Session-Save as well after making the changes.
> None of that makes any difference.
> I've assumed we're talking about the gnome clock applet, which offers
> weather information. But perhaps we're talking about the weather applet,
> which is a different critter?
> I've removed, re-added, reset everything in the clock applet and it simply
> doesn't show any weather info. But the weather applet "works" in that it
> shows a temperature--so far it isn't showing anything else...
> And how does one "Session-Save", as you mention above? I don't see
> anything on any gnome menu with a similar name...
> Thanks for your advice!
I am talking about the clock applet that you see for date and time, that 
appears in
the panel (mine is on top).  When I log in, I get these Gnome dialog 
errors that
tells me the applet(s) are messed up.  So I close the dialog boxes, then 
the offending applet(s) icons in the panel (as reported by the Gnome 
dialog boxes),
then proceed to add them back in.  If the Weather icon that appears to 
the left of the
date/time is not working, then I select the icon preferences, click the 
Location tab
to ensure that I have the correct location (mine was empty), then click 
the Weather
tab, drop-down the 'Temperature Unit', select 'Default', then close the
Preferences. Next, open the Preferences again, reset the Temperature 
Unit back
to 'F' (for my location, but you can choose whatever you want), close 
the preferences
box again.  Wait awhile, then it worked.

As for 'Save Session', I wanted to make sure that the new applets were 
saved in
Gnome-2 configuration files because I am not sure if it is 'committed' 
and this may not be required.

When I ran into these problems initially, I wanted to see if my account 
configuration were messed up, so as a test, I created a new temporary 
user - a
different account - to see if the Weather icon works, i.e. if by 
creating a new
account, new (virgin) gnome-2 configuration files are created properly. 
If the
Weather icon did not work, then I can assume that there was something wrong
with my gnome package on my system.


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