Extracting a Windows 'bin' file in Linux

Donald A. Greene dagreene at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 15 00:04:06 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-12-14 at 18:57 -0500, Jim wrote:
> I have a firmware update for my router,  belkin_mimo_rt_usa_1.01.03.bin 
> that is a windows bin file, I have tried to extract it with XP with two 
> different apps that is supposed to extract 'bin' files and both say it 
> is invalid.
> Is there a Linux app. that can extract it, it is a 2.9mb. bin file

Normally a bin file would be directly applied to a router -- i.e. no
extract required.  If the file were zipped or a tar file then an
appropriate extract would be applicable.  Normally the router
manufacturer supplies a program which applies the bin file to the

Hopefully, this information assists you.
Donald A. Greene <dagreene at worldnet.att.net>

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