laptop issues and F10

Wade Hampton wadehamptoniv at
Sun Dec 21 18:51:47 UTC 2008


I think the second set of major problems I had reported to the list
about my Fedora 10 laptop were due to the first Beta of 64-bit
Flash....  Details were:

- Fedora 10 x86-64 with updates
- First Flash 64-bit alpha
- Gateway MX 6421 laptop with Radeon Xpress 200M video
- Have to use nomodeset on kernel to get it to keep from hard locking up
  -- is there a fix for this yet?

Even after the nomodeset option, on occasion the laptop would lock up
where only the mouse worked and the CPU seemed to be pegged at 100%.
There were no screen updates and the keyboard would not respond.  I
have yet to experience this problem since I updated to the 2nd Flash
beta on Friday.

Happy Holidays and thanks for the help,
Wade Hampton

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