PackageKit has eaten my system (again!)

DB Freddog_de at
Sun Dec 21 20:21:10 UTC 2008

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> Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:18:22 -0700
> From: Kevin Fenzi <kevin at>
> Subject: Re: PackageKit has eaten my system (again!)
> On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:36:30 +0100
> DB <Freddog_de at> wrote:
Hi Kevin, thanks for the speedy reply.......  My responses are in-line:
>> > Evening all,
>> > 
>> > I just did the latest batch of F9 PackageKit updates - with
>> > disastrous effect!  (See attached list)
> Quite strange. How did you apply those updates? 
> PackageKit? yum? With what command?
> Is there anything non standard in your /etc/yum.conf ?
> Can you attach it, or the /etc/yum.conf.rpmsave file?
There was a PackageKit "Bug" icon on my Gnome top panel.. I clicked it, 
it said "update system now?", I clicked "yes" & the rest, as they say, 
is history!

I don't appear to have either of the files you mention!  All that 
remains of yum is :

[Dave at localhost pluginconf.d]$ dir
fastestmirror.conf.rpmsave  presto.conf.rpmsave
fedorakmod.conf.rpmsave     refresh-packagekit.conf.rpmsave
kernel-module.conf.rpmsave  remove-with-leaves.conf.rpmsave

Just did a nautilus search on yum & got the following:


Content of yum.repos.d:

I'm a bit mystified by the rawhide & testing repos in that list, as I 
have never (knowingly) installed or activated them...

>> > I think (!) RPM is still working but Packagekit & yum amongst (many) 
> You can try (if you have a i386 install): 
> rpm -ivh
[root at localhost ~]# rpm -ivh
error: Failed dependencies:
    pygpgme is needed by yum-3.2.20-5.fc9.noarch
    python-iniparse is needed by yum-3.2.20-5.fc9.noarch
[root at localhost ~]#

Seems like yum is more an "ummmm"!

> And that should hopefully get you yum back. 
> Then you should be able to 'yum install' all the other items you are
> missing. 
> I would sure like to know how and why it removed packages however. 
>> > Thanks
>> > 
>> > Dave
> kevin

Many thanks


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