Got networking, now missing hardware 3D graphics

tom tfreeman at
Tue Dec 23 18:42:13 UTC 2008

Aside: I can not remember a Red Hat or a Fedora release that has given me
these kinds of fits. I'm sure they have but...  Must have been a while.

To quickly recap the situation. I started by installing F10 from DVD, and 
the networking aspect declined to function. Two reinstalls later, and much 
fussing and fiddling, networking came up on its own with Network Manager 
on the first boot post install. What changed is a wonderful question that 
I have no clue about. On to the next steps (obviously)

This is an old machine, and has an nVidia GeForce FX5500 video card in
an AGP slot. I recognize the proprietary nature of nVidia's drivers, so
it was off to RPMfusion to get the 173.X drivers/stuff. After much mucking 
about, I finally got the nvidia driver installed such that I could get 
something other than 640x280 (yuck!), but there is no acceleration for 
OpenGL like there is supposed to be. The error message from one 
application includes the phrase: "Could not create GL context".

Besides my mind, what am I missing here? Or what do I need to post to find 
out what I'm missing? Or


Thanks in advance for the assistance

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