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Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Tue Feb 12 14:29:21 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 19:46 +1100, David Timms wrote:
> Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > Mikkel L. Ellertson pointed out a stupid typo in my script that was 
> > screwing up my numbers pretty badly.  Many thanks.
> > 
> > It's been fixed, and the posting statistics are much more accurate. 
> > Please see for the current 
> > month's output.
> OK, Please don't put email addresses there - or to the list.
> > If this is useful and correct, I will set up a cron job which mails this 
> > info to the list once a {day|week|month}, whatever y'all think is 
> > appropriate.  I will pull it down from the web site unless folks think 
> > it's a good thing to have there.
> fedora community portal also lists top posters for the archives that it 
> makes available via the web interface.
> Obviously someone has worked out how to clock it :(
> Note that you never get the email address in the page or the name links.
> DaveT.
I fail to see that having the e-mail address on the list is a problem
since it appears on everyones posting (except Tim's). Why would someone
post to the list if they did not want to enable people to communicate
with them.
Any vicious spammer could do what Tom Cameron has done to get the e-mail
addresses. Has anyone noticed that spammers are a problem using
addresses from this list?
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