Burning CDs

Phil Bass phil at stoneymanor.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 17:03:11 UTC 2008

First, apologies if this has been asked before. I did look at the
fedora-list archives, but they're arranged by date and I don't know
which month(s) to look at. (Is there a search facility somewhere?)

I'm using Fedora 7 with all updates applied (except for a very recent
Perl update that the update program couldn't find).

I have been using xcdroast to save photos onto CDs. I always write
multi-session CDs so that I can keep adding photos until the disk is
nearly full. Some time over the past 5 months xcdroast seems to have
stopped working. After some Googling I found that a kernel update was
(probably) responsible and that it works when run as root. That would be
an acceptable temporary solution, but for me it doesn't work. xcdroast
starts up but never sees a CD in the CD-writer. Asking xcdroast to scan
for devices causes it to hang. This is true for both ordinary users and

After further investigation I found an alternative CD burning program
called graveman and tried it. It hangs on startup for both ordinary
users and root.

Finally I tried to use the CD burning facility built in to Nautilus. The
trouble now is that I can't find out whether Nautilus will write a new
session to a multi-session CD. There's no option to control that AFAICS.
So I haven't clicked the write-to-disc button to see if it works.

If necessary I could learn how to use cdrecord (or is it wodim now?),
but that's far more complicated than I need and I'm fast losing the will
to live.  ;-) Any suggestions?

Phil Bass (phil at stoneymanor.demon.co.uk)

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