Custom F8 kernal and ath5k

Greg Sieranski greg.sieranski at
Thu Jan 3 16:09:37 UTC 2008

David G. Mackay wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 10:29 -0500, Greg Sieranski wrote:
>> David G. Mackay wrote:
>> Thanks!!!! My wireless is now finally working :). Not to be a pain but 
>> at home I use WPA2 Personal as my encryption. Is there anyway to 
>> configure the wireless for wpa w/out using NetworkManager?
> Under F7 I was able to use NM and wpa supplicant to connect to several
> networks using wpa-psk.  I haven't tried it under F8, but I just
> installed a D-Link wireless N router at my daughter's house using wpa2
> personal.  I'll take my laptop over and try it, but it'll probably be
> tomorrow before I can report on the results.
> Dave
Thanks, I am very interested to see what you find out. Please keep me 


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