Fedora 6 domain access and roaming profiles

Joe W. Byers ecjbosu at aol.com
Mon Jan 7 04:29:05 UTC 2008

I could really use some help in getting roaming profiles working on my 
linux home network.

I have a Redhat EL5 server, a Fedora 6 workstation, and a Windows XP 
machine at home.  I have set up the server as a domain name server using 
SAMBA.   My Windows machine and the Fedora 6 workstation both joined the 
domain.  I also have NAS enable and can mount the home dir on the F6 

I want my F6 workstation to use the login profiles from the server.  I 
also want the WinXP to do this but the workstation is more important at 
this time.

Can someone point me to a 'How-to' or other documentation to do this? 
Or, give some other good pointers?  I just can't seem to find a step by 
step guide.

Thank you

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