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Wed Jan 9 19:16:16 UTC 2008

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Tom Spec wrote:
| I am planning to move from one HD to another I need a bit of 
feedback.  I am partitioned as follows:
| sda1 /boot (Linux Partition) 256M
| sda2 LVM PV (Linux LVM Partition) 20G
| I was planning to.....
| 1) attach the new HD
| 2) boot to a rescue CD
| 3) partition the new HD exactly how the old one is
| 4) dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1
| 5) dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/dev/sdb2
| 6) make the new HD bootable
| 7) disconnect the old HD
| 8) boot
| My questions...
| - Is this basically the right procedure?
| - Do I need to boot to the rescue CD or would single user (or 
emergency) mode be good enough (in step 2)?
| - Exactly what steps are required to "make the new HD bootable"?
| - Is there a way for me to make the old hd "unbootable" so I can leave 
it in, but make sure it's the new one that boots?
| Thanks for any feedback,
| Tom

This will ONLY work if both drives are the SAME (IDENTICAL) in size.  
Check the drives geometry to be sure they are.

(a)   Yes, it looks to be the correct procedure.
(b)   Boot the rescue CD.  If any part of the OS is loaded off the 
current HD, you run the risk of problems and not having a boot-able new 
(c)   Depends on the boot loader you are using.  Lilo, Grub, etc.
(d)   You should be able to leave the old drive in; as long as you make 
sure you swap the master boot-able drive in the BIOS.

Good Luck,
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