Fedora/Linux as a USB Drive

max maximilianbianco at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 18:11:09 UTC 2008

Adalbert Prokop wrote:
> Srikanth Konjarla wrote on Sunday 13 January 2008:
>> I have the network setup currently to share the files between several
>> Linux machines and one WindowZe machine. But, i am looking to get two
>> linux machines connected together with a USB cable that is independent
>> of the network.
> There are "laplink" cables for USB. They have two type A connectors and a 
> piece of hardware between them, which acts as a USB network card to both 
> ends. So you plug it in and get a new network interface (e.g. usb0).
> The rest is identical a normal network card - set IPs or let avahi-autoipd 
> do the job and share your files over network.
> I seriously doubt there is a hardware and a driver which would do what you 
> want. It would have to emulate a hard drive hardware and a file system 
> whithin for your directory structure, not to mention the hardware part. 
> I've never heard of something like this.
It sounds like what he wants is to connect two computers together with a 
cable and have them treat one another like flash drives.


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